Unlikely as it might seem for a Dutch person, I've been a fan of the Portuguese singer/songwriter/producer/director Fausto (Carlos Fausto Bordalo Gomes Dias) for as long as I can remember. It seemed perfectly sensible to me to write a fanpage, presenting the little information I collected over the years. Check it out, listen to some music snippets. And you're welcome to .

Lusitana #3

At last, on november 21st 2011 Fausto released number 3 of his 'Lusitana Diaspora Trilogy' called 'Em busca das Montanhas Azuis' (in search of the Blue Mountains). I'm told it talks about the Portuguese exploits in south-east Africa and this first contact of the African populace with Europeans. This 23 song double CD (+DVD) release came 17 years after #2 ('Crónicas da Terra Ardente') and 29 years after #1 ('Por Este Rio Acima'). This is a life spanning endeavour, I'm baffled by its boldness. So far I only heard a few YouTube songs (that sound really spiffy) so I'm gonna rush to the store now. Thank you Jorge Vilhena for informing me.

Fausto live in Sines april 25 2004 (picture: Lufirip).

Fausto on the web

Until at least 2008 Fausto had absolutely NO web-presence. There was some information in Portuguese scattered around. Apart from these pages nothing in English of course. (apart from Pedro Serôdio's nice reviews at Ventrilocution Zine). But nowadays (2011) Googling Fausto brings a Formal Fausto FaceBook page, plus a rich trove of WebShops, Blogs, YouTube films, fanpages, discussion and even interviews. The times they have changed.

Fausto for Christmas

Fausto released a double CD of love songs right before the christmas season. It's called "18 Canções de Amor e Mais Uma de Ressentido Protesto". I can't be sure but it looks like most of the songs are indeed known from other releases. From what I hear at Sony the arrangements are the same with the exception of 'Rosalinda' which sounds nicely modern.
Thank you Fernando (his Blog) for the heads up.

top quality !

After nine years Fausto has released a truly new studio album with 16 pearls: 'A Ópera Mágica do Cantor Maldito'
(Magic opera of the cursed singer). Fausto called in the João Afonso and Amélia Muge for this one. This is an
immensely enjoyable album indeed! Fausto re-invented his sound for this masterpiece.


Fausto performed live twice in 2005: may 27th (21:00 - 01:30) Centro Cultural de Belém - Grande Auditório.
June 4th, Porto, Coliseu. If you have a review or pictures you want to publish, please . me.

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  • spring of 2002: first remarks presented.
  • early 2003 : lyrics added (Pedro Serôdio suggested it and offered english translations).
  • summer 2003: mp3 samples (Vera Franco suggested it).
  • november 2003: new album announced (thank you Paolo).
  • march 2004: Pedro Big added lyrics with translation and suggested some improvements.
  • may 2004: beautiful live picture of Fausto in Sines (25-4-2004) sent in by Lufirip.
  • january 2005: Jorge Duarte brought the postcard, and continues to bring lyrics.
  • february 2005: complete songlists of all albums and 16 new mp3 snippets.
  • march 2005: link to Nova Lisboa
  • februari 2006: compilation added: 'O Melhor dos Melhores' 1994
  • november 2007: a new compilation album released
  • november 2008: Eduardo brought Fausto debut mp3's
  • december 2011: #3 is a fact: 'Em Busca das Montanhas Azuis'

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